Cheapest Web Hosting Provider In 2021

Cheapest Web Hosting Provider In 2021. Why do some companies offer cheap web hosting while others seem to be expensive? You would naturally assume that the expensive companies are using much better servers than the cheap ones. 

While others seem to be expensive, you would naturally assume that the expensive companies are using much better servers than the cheap ones, but that’s not actually quite right. According to, GoDaddy came to web hosting Giant had $2.7 billion of revenue. In 2018, however, they’ve only spent around 900 million on their services, leaving them with a gross profit of 1.8 billion or 66%, meaning that for every $10 that you spend on their hosting, it only costs to them.4.4 dollars what if you could buy web hosting for much closer to its actual cost? Well, as it turns out, you can’t.

How is this possible? You might ask? Well, some companies flat out avoid a lot of the expenses that these larger corporations have to make, like spending $6 million on a Super Bowl ad. On top of that, the Cheapest Web Hosting provider companies that I’ll talk about awful take a significantly lower profit cut, helping them keep the cost down.

For you as a customer, my favorite out of these companies are Interserver, Hostinger, and Dreamhost. All three have excellent loading speed, low pricing, and every feature you could expect from the web hosting company.


Interserver $2.50/Month

Image Source – Interserver

Going a bit more depth let talk about Interserver first. Hosting and by choosing Interserver you’re not getting some third-rate web hosting company that all of your friends were gonna make fun of. You’re actually going with this super old and reliable company that’s been in business since like 1999.

One of the main benefits of choosing Interserver is the fact that you get. Security features unlimited emails and an SSL certificate, all included completely free of charge, and of course, by choosing Interserver you’ll also getting a grade of performance.

Image source - Interserver price
Image source – Interserver price

You think inter servers cheapest plan you can actually get yourself an entire server plan. I did earlier to enjoy the fastest possible websites for like $30 a year. Oh and by the way, $30 a year is currently the cheapest one-year plan that is available. Anyway, if you want to buy from a reputable company that’s offering good performance together with a low price.

Hostinger $1.25/Month

Image source – Hostinger

On my list, we have a hosting group. Their plans start at $1.25 a month. In my own experience, Hostinger their plans tend to be a little bit slower than the Interserver ones, and these support response times are also a bit slower, but the control panel looks. 

Better and is easier to use, so this is a trade-off for you to make. This is how the hosting US control panel called the HPanel looks. 

It’s really easy to use and intuitive tool. Definitely not something you would expect from a cheap web hosting provider. I’ve also taken a look at a hosting years. Performance and their cheapest plan loads my website in under one second with almost perfect scores. 

If you properly optimize and set up your website first. And just as an added bonus in March of 2021, they’ve added support for PHP 8.0, which is around 10% faster. Venice predecessor, PHP 7.4, so shows that by choosing Hostinger. 

You’re not only getting a good price, but you’re also getting the latest technology, which is a rare combination. These tech upgrades were previously seen as a premium feature only available on the most premium web hosting providers like Siteground, so it’s nice to see that the cheaper options are actually not that far behind. And are constantly improving their services. Hostinger should be considered by people who want a set and forget web hosting.

Hostinger Pricing
Image source – Hostinger Pricing

You can pre-pay for like 4 years in advance and stop worrying about your website for a long time since Hostinger also includes lifetime support. You’re going to get all of the latest updates anyways. 

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DreamHost $2.59/Month

Image Source – DreamHost

Finally, we have Dreamhost. Their cheap web hosting plans start at $2.59 a month. That means you can get E3 year plan for $93.00, but the much better value is there. Yearly plan for just $36. Since you do get.E3 website name included. 

You also get a free SSL in the package as well, so that’s somewhere around $50 value for just $36 a year. And Dreamhost is quite a big name in the web hosting industry altogether. 

Being officially recommended by WordPress themselves. And the main appeal of Dreamhost? It should be their sleek and modern control panel paired together with incredible loading speed and stability. Because of course I’ve done the liberty of testing out their performance here. RV results. Dreamhost is like a middleman between the entire servers performance.

And Hostinger, ease of use. Being able to load your website quite fast while still looking nice and being cheap and on top of that, Dreamhost is quite confident in their ability to keep your website online 100% of the time with their 100% uptime guarantee. 

So if your website ever crashes. And it’s their fault you will get free hosting credits for your website. If you’re looking for cheap web hosting,

DreamHost pricing
Image Source – DreamHost pricing


Cheapest Web Hosting One of these three providers should definitely be your choice, Because trust me, I’ve been on the market for quite a long time and I haven’t been able to find anything better. 

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