Expressvpn Review (2021) Is ExpressVPN Worth It Costs

Expressvpn Review (2021) Is ExpressVPN Worth It Costs? Review and this time it’s for Express VPN. The self-proclaimed number one trusted leader amongst all VPN providers that are out there. So let’s get straight into it and find out whether this claim is justified.

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A VPN is a powerful tool for your devices that enhances the Internet. With it. You can do three really cool things. 

  • One watch movies and TV from any of your devices. Fast and securely. 
  • Two. You can use parts of the Internet that are blocked in certain countries. 
  • Three, you can keep your Internet traffic privacy even when you’re on an unsecured public network. 

So what is VPN and how does it do all of that?VPN means virtual private network. Express VPN network has servers in more than 100 locations around the world. Homepage

Features Lookup 

Now when I first logged on to the express VPN website, I found the site itself to be very well laid out and quite informative. They seem to any question that you want the answer to. You can find it quite simply. We’re looking for their menu system as well as the VPN itself.

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Image source – ExpressVPN
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Image source – ExpressVPN

They also surprise some security tools which are not only free, but they’re pretty useful to things such as a password generator and an IP address checker. So you can see what your computer looks like to the outside world

Express VPN Platforms 

When you’re surfing the web, their platform that only works on Windows and Mac, but you can also get apps on your iPhone or your Android device, and these apps are fully featured now. It’s not too uncommon for VPN providers to have apps these days, but they don’t just offer iPhone or Android devices. 

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They also have apps for things like the Chrome Book, the Kindle Fire, the Nook HD, and selected routers from Asus Linksys and Netgear, as well as that there are apps available for some of the more popular Linux systems, so whatever device or operating system you use, chances are the express VPN have an option for you. 

VPN kill Switch 

One thing I will note though, is that kill switch features are only available on the Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, so if you’re not on one of those systems and you want to use those features, 

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Express VPN Browser Extension

Now one of the features which I find extremely useful is that if you’re using Chrome or Firefox, they have a browser extension for that, so you can have the app built into the browser so you don’t have to open it in a separate window. 

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Express VPN Also For Game Consoles and Smart TV 

And on top of the already large compatibility list, they offer a media stream at DNS service for games consoles and things like Amazon Fire TV and Smart TV. 

This isn’t strictly a full VPN, but it does let you watch things on these devices that previously would have been blocked. And if you own a device that doesn’t have an express VPN app available, 

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Manual Setup Guide

they give you a manual setup guide.  So chances are you better get on that device anyway. Doing it this way won’t give you the full features of Express VPN, but you’ll still be able to take advantage of encryption and location masking. So once the apps are installed and everything’s up and running, you can of course select the location to browse for one of the many servers they have available. 

Or if you prefer a simpler option, you can connect to your nearest server with just a single click on the desktop apps you’re able to run a speed test. You can find out which is the fastest server with the least amount of people online. Now a lot of people choose a VPN based on how many countries you can connect to and how many servers I have available now express VPN out there a lot of competition on this one. 

They have 94 different countries available and have over servers that you can connect to. Around 3% of these servers are virtual servers, but they’re very transparent about this and they use them to make sure that you can keep a secure connection browsing from a country that otherwise might not be so secure. And when it comes to the speed of these servers, expressvpn is up there with the best.

If you’re connecting to a server, it’s fairly local to you can expect the reduction from your base speed of no less than about 10%, which is pretty amazing if you’re connecting to a distant server, speeds can drop to around 45% of your base speed, but again, that’s something we have to deal with when using a VPN, and it’s nothing out of blue. When I connected from the United Kingdom to a server that is based in New York, which is a feral distance I barely notice.Any reduction at all, which is pretty impressive. So if it’s the speed that you’re after, I would recommend expressvpn. 

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Now let’s talk about streaming with some of the large streaming sites like Netflix clamping down on the use of VPNs. A lot of VPN providers have stopped promoting this service, and they don’t usually advertise that they can do it, but not with expressvpn.

They have several pages on their website devoted to streaming and they offer clear instructions on how to access specific sites. It sometimes takes a couple of tries before we can find a server that works. Well with Netflix, but it doesn’t usually take long before we can start streaming to your heart’s content. The USA servers work particularly well, and there are also working servers in Canada, the UK, Japan, France, Germany, and a list of other countries that do work well with Netflix and other streaming sites.

For example, I’ve been using the American servers to watch Hulu, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime, and I know that if you’re in America, you can easily use the UK servers to watch things like BBC iPlayer now. 

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Now, like a lot of the top VPNs out there,expressvpn makes use of a kill switch to me. This is an essential feature and if your VPN connection ever drops for whatever reason, your Internet connection will completely cut out so no data is ever transferred were not securely connected, 


Another great feature. Express VPN. As an offer is split tunneling, what this will allow you to do is to split your Internet connection into one side will keep your VPN running and the other side will just use your regular Internet connection. This could be useful if you want to keep the speed to its maximum, but you can also keep the VPN running on certain apps where you need that protection. 

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when it comes to protocols to use. EXPRESS provides 3 for you to choose from, which is more than the standard one to two protocols you get with several other VPNs. The benefit of having more protocols allows you to choose between greater speed.

More protection depending on what you’re doing, but for those who are newer to VPN’s or for anyone who just wants to keep things simple, expressvpn has a feature that will automatically pick the best protocol for you. They use their DNS which never keeps logs, and they never limit your access to certain websites, 

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Higher Security level 

which means you’re free to browse wherever you like and to keep the security level even higher. expressvpn uses trusted server technology.

This eliminates the use of hard drives and everything is run on RAM. Basically what this means is that no. Data was ever stored on their systems and every time a service-connected, all data from the previous server has been waived.

Privacy Policy

and when it comes to their privacy policy, the company doesn’t store your IP address, browsing, data, timestamps, DNS queries. All traffic metadata. Basically, they don’t keep any of your information that could be used to associate you with any of your Internet activity.

So what’s their stance on torrenting? Well, they don’t talk too much about torrenting on their website. They do have a page about the use of U torrent, but they don’t go into too much depth on this subject.

On the other hand, they don’t discourage it, and you can certainly use P2P services and file-sharing networks in general. 

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Customer Service 

And what about their customer service where the customer service is pretty good? They were 24/7 chat. System and within minutes you can be connected to an assistant that can help you with your issue, and if it’s a very complicated issue, which that assistant can’t help you with, you can submit a support ticket and somebody will get back to you via email.

This might take a little bit longer, but you can still get the answers that you need. What’s the point in having a VPN if you come across an issue and you can’t get it resolved well, from what I’ve seen, their customer service is excellent and there’s nothing that they can’t usually get to the bottom of 

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Pricing Structure

Now when it comes to their pricing structure, the longer the contract you get with them, the more you’re going to end up.

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Leaving there’s a wide variety of payment options, including Bitcoin if you want to stay anonymous while subscribing to this product. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free trial period, but that doesn’t matter because they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if for any reason within the first 30 days you did have an issue, you can always get your money back, no questions asked. 

So what’s the bottom line? Well, it’s no surprise Express continues to be rated one of the best VPNs as it’s not only one of the easiest VPNs to use, making it great. First-time expressvpn users, but it also has one of the most extensive lists of features and apps that you could hope for.

And even though Express is on the high price-wise wise, the benefit here is you get a great VPN that can do it all well where most VPNs will be really good in one or two areas and then averaging others express managers to perform strongly in all areas. So whether you’re torrenting streaming, unblocking Netflix, or just wanting to stay safe while browsing online, you’re always getting top-of-the-line performance, so ultimately. but anyone who’s brand new to VPN’s or if you just want to go with the best VPN overall express would be the one to get

Take full advantage of that so stay safe thank you very much for watching I hope you learned something and I will catch you.

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