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Why is SSL important to our website ?

Hello, guys today we talk about SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. So today we know about Hosting with Free SSL and why SSL is important to our website and whether it is important to our website or not. Safety is a major part of an online presence. Impress yourself well with a secure website.

What is SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer )

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard technology that allows a web server (host) and a web browser to create an encrypted connection (client). SSL is an industry standard that millions of websites use to safeguard their consumers’ online transactions.

What is SSL and HTTP, HTTPS 

The improved and secure version of the previous HTTP Standard is called HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The protocol handles data from the website (server) to the browser (client). The S in HTTPS shows that SSL safeguards the site and encrypts all of its traffic.  Security bulletproof is only a few clicks away.

What is SSL certificate

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) have been available for usage for more than 20 years. An SSL guarantees a safe network is used for transferring sensitive data from visitors to your website. In spite of this key component of SSL, due to price and the complexities of deployment, many end-users and organizations have postponed its acceptance. Today it is much easier to acquire an SSL certificate because there are free efforts also you can get free ssl certificate lifetime that make it incredibly easy.

https / http
The improved and secure version of the previous HTTP Standard is called HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The protocol handles data from the website (server) to the browser (client).

Does an SSL certificate matter ? 

There is 6 reason that why is SSL is important to your website 

  1. Brand Credibility. Nothing worries a client more than the prospect of not being safe when transactions take place. The easy, ballot-resistant SSL solution.
  2. Security website. Security first – SSL enables all data between a visitor and the server to be encrypted. Each packet is unbreakable with high-quality encryption.
  3. Ranking of high SEO –  Google revealed officially that SSL security was one of the key SEO figures. The easiest approach to increase your classification is to include SSL/TLS!
  4. Increase traffic and sales. Cheap SSL offers your audience an invaluable statement. Nobody wants to stay on an unsafe website for long. also make your blogging website with free ssl certificate for blogger also. Make intelligent investments that deliver a significant investment return.
  5. Honorable Badge. Google will start labeling Web site without SSL as insecure using Chrome and other browsers. Avoid the large red mark with inexpensive SSL certification by investing in your image.
  6. Protection from cyber-crime. Protect yourself and your users against legal action and controversies. Not every advertisement is excellent advertising. Remain safe, stay intelligent.

How is SSL work in our website 

A copy of the SSL certificate from the webserver is sent to the browser/server. The browser/server verifies if the SSL certificate is trusted. If so, the web server will get a notification. The web server returns a digitally signed recognition for the initiation of an encoded SSL session you can easy add free ssl certificate to website.

Where you get Best SSL certificate 

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