Hostinger 2021 Latest Hosting Detailed Plan Reviews

Hello Friends, Today we are talking about hosting plans and detailed reviews.

Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger is a web hosting service, which I have been using for quite a while, around 2019.

Firstly, I used it within the year 2019, then 2020, Now we are getting to do its review in 2021, So do read this text, A to Z

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Hostinger ( REVIEW )

I have explained everything during this article, associated with discounts, coupon codes, educational programs. So with no delay, let’s start. If I mention this company, it was established within the year 2004 Then in 2011, they branded themselves as Hostinger. After that, they’re achieving new things at the end of the day.


In the last 2 to three years, there has been excellent progress. Talking about its overview, as soon as you log in, you’ll find an interface like This is how their HPanel would look, there is no cPanel, There have been tons of improvements in their HPanel, In some years, there have been tons of features of cPanel up here, HPanel is extremely easy to use,

If you would like to edit PHP then you’ll ask the cPanel, otherwise, their Hpanel is basically good. If I mention their testing parameters, during which Hosting I even have hosted this, So I even have business web hosting.

There are 2 servers: US and Singapore Servers. There are cloud hosting, startup plans and I have also used their cloud global plan, except, for now, I won’t cover this. We’ll focus more on Shared and Startup, So I have even set up 3 websites: Singapore, US, and Cloud Plan.

I used the OceanWP theme altogether on these 3 websites, there are Gym Templates. There has been a Litespeed Cache Plugin.

Hosting Speed

When I tried on Cloud Hosting, the speed was reduced to 1s, therefore the speeds are quite good. Talking about Uptime, I’ve been testing it for around 6 months. For this, I’m using Better uptime. In every 30s, its uptime is checked, Talking about Singapore Shared Hosting, it didn’t go down during a month,

If I scroll below, it has been 234 days since I’ve checked its Uptime.

Total availability is of 99.8%

Total Downtime is 6h 50min, which is the longest incident.

There was some downtime at the start of March, and again in February. It was thanks to my fault, I did some settings in its DNS, which caused the Downtime, Talking about Incidents, so here’s a roundup of those incidents.

Overall I even have got it for 99.87%, I am tracing it for 258 days and 99% is the approx which I even have got which is sort of good.

US servers have an honest uptime. Singapore Servers can have a touch of improvement in their uptimes. All the uptimes will be updated in my detailed articles. you’ll check out for the newest uptime data. as soon as the article is published.

There are no performance issues, it’s generally seen thanks to Shared Hosting. Around 7.5k requests were made, there’s no hike within the reaction time. There are no HTTP Failures, and there is no sudden hike in server reaction times.

There is an inbuilt cache manager, and it is based on Litespeed servers. You can use the Litespeed cache plugin, which can be used for free.

Security of Hosting

Hostinger has recently collaborated with Patchstack, If you use WordPress and there are some vulnerabilities in any of their plugins. You will get a notification regarding it, Backup and restoration are quite easy, Now you can easily backup with one click and you can easily restore it.

This feature was not here till last year, but now it has been improved, Talking about Ease of use, it is quite easy to use it. There’s been the HPanel and it is quite easy to use for beginners, It has been worked upon so as to make it beginner’s friendly hosting

For Support, you can get chat support. You won’t get an instant reply, At present, the waiting time is around 20-60mins,

I was like when I am paying extra I should get the replies with 5 mins, for that, I am providing the extra premium amount, But in my case, it didn’t happen like that, Inode count was in the range of 2,00,000 to 6,00,000, which is quite good for shared hosting.

Now, which among them is the best plan for you I am select the Best and Best plan for you just click the Buy now Button and Buy the best plan for you. That made your dream website. First, let’s start with the plan which you have to avoid, Don’t buy the Single Web Hosting, as it, not a good plan, the RAM is low and it is a five-page HTML Website.

If you want for WordPress then you can refer to the business plan which is much better, Or for WordPress, you can refer to the WordPress starter, which is also good.

Single Web Hosting

You will be able to host a single website. You will get one email account with your domain name and a free SSL certificate. It’s a great option for beginners who are just starting out. This type of hosting is capable of handling around 10 000 monthly visits with a single shared hosting. You can easily host blogs, business websites, or any other similar type of website. 

Without any issues, I wouldn’t recommend using it for ecommerce websites like woocommerce because it doesn’t have enough resources compared to other plans.

Price$1.39/month USD (it renews at $2.99 per month).

Premium Shared Hosting

With this plan, you will be able to host up to 100 websites and create up to 100 business email accounts as well this plan comes with a free SSL certificate. A domain name for this type of hosting is capable of handling around 25 000 monthly visits. It is a great option for everyone who needs more resources and is planning to host multiple projects or websites. This plan has enough resources for blogs, business websites, or any other similar type of website though I wouldn’t use it for e-commerce websites because again such types of websites require more resources.

For example, in the beginning, when you don’t get a lot of traffic to your e-commerce website or your online store is considerably small you could use this plan but eventually your website will start loading slowly and that’s an indication that you need a better plan.

Price$2.59/month USD (it renews at $5.99 per month).

Business Shared Hosting

Business Shared Hosting is capable of handling around 1,00,000 monthly visits so a business shareholding plan is a great choice for growing websites or e-commerce sites. It can handle more traffic compared to other shared hosting plans and it has more resources so for example if you would host a WordPress website.

You could install more plugins compared to the premium plan and your website would run completely normal without experiencing any decrease in load time but they don’t forget there are limits to everything and if you will start installing a lot of plugins to your website. You might experience a decrease in a low time even though business shared hosting is the most powerful plan among shared hosting plans it doesn’t mean that it has enough resources for everything, so that’s something you should be aware of alright since we are finished with Shared Hosting.

Hostinger is known for its cheap hosting options. For quickly growing websites, shared hosting isn’t enough. A business hosting plan just like the one provided by Hostinger is very useful.

Hostinger’s Business hosting provides the facility and reliability of VPS alongside the simplicity of shared hosting. You get dedicated resources that are handled 24/7 by Hostinger’s team.

Price$3.99/month USD (it renews at $8.99per month).


Hostinger has several benefits in its Single Plan, Premium Plan, and Business plan. It has a well-blended plan available based on your needs.

Speed and Performance alongside quick response times determine the usability of any hosting platform.

The performance increase and response time metrics are equally competent. The customer support is excellent with its 24/7/365 live chat option.

Hostinger India

Make your Dream website with Hostinger

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