Hostinger Hpanel and Cpanel, Everything You Need to know

A control panel is a common tool for managing your hosting plan. It enables users to manage domain names, install software, create and maintain email accounts, upload website files, and perform more functions. Of course, while all of this may be done directly by going into the server, it does need some programming knowledge, since a single error might cause the entire site to break. hpanel and cpanel

Thus, control panels serve as simple, user-friendly tools that may save you time, energy, and resources. While cPanel remains the most popular control panel, Hostinger has created its own customized control panel in order to reduce fixed expenses and rates while providing more efficient services to our clients. We feel that cPanel is not as user-friendly as it might be, thus hPanel gives users a more visually beautiful dashboard, menu, and icons to help them navigate through their settings more simply.

This article compares cPanel vs hPanel and includes a full explanation of key hPanel and cpanel capabilities.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a popular Linux-based control panel for web hosting accounts that is still the industry standard for most web developers. Its user-friendly interface enables customers to manage web hosting accounts with ease. cPanel, like other well-known hosting control panels, has advantages and disadvantages:


cPanel Advantages

  • East to learn 
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and money 
  • Tried and tested acquainted by most web developers 
  • Includes software auto-installers
  • Plenty of tutorials/ supports available online 

cPanel Disadvantages

  • The number of features can be overwhelming 
  • Relatively easy to accidentally change important settings 
  • Some hosts run outdated software 
  • Can cost more and is rarely offered with free hosting 
  • Lack of flexibility 
  • Rick of losing data during major updates

What is hPanel? 

Hostinger’s hPanel is a custom-built hosting control panel that allows customers to access and use basic features such as domain, email, file and database administration, and more. It is included in all web hosting options.

hPanel separates itself from the market due to its ease of use, extensive functionality, and UI/UX. It’s a useful tool that lets you use the file manager, manage web hosting accounts, FTP users, email accounts, monitor bandwidth, disc space, sub-domains, park domains, and install software such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, among other things.

Differentiating hPanel

From the simple auto installs to the MySQL databases, hPanel may look to be quite similar to cPanel. The key difference between the two is the developer – hPanel is Hostinger’s own product, built in-house, with the goal of making the online experience as smooth as possible.

The following are the primary differences between hPanel and cPanel or other web-based admin tools:

  1. hPanel’s customer-facing part is cloud-based and highly available (HA). This comprises the visual aspect of the panel, the action queues, and the UI/UX, all of which help to organise and visually improve the hPanel interface.
  1. Each server only has API end-points that connect to the hPanel front-end (cPanel is fully hosted on each server individually). This means that the panel itself does not use a large portion of the server’s resources in order to achieve a better scaling economics (more users per server without performance loss as hPanel is not using any).
  1. cPanel mostly uses APACHE or LiteSpeed. We, on the other hand, have the option to select any web server. To handle initial web requests that are subsequently directed to APACHE, we now utilise OpenResty (nGinx+LUA and Redis). The advantage of this design is that it provides a substantially faster response time due to many levels of caching, as well as the ability to host more accounts on a single server, lowering fixed costs.

Are you ready to delve directly into hPanel features and investigate them in greater depth?


Image source – Hostinger

After logging into hPanel, a few menu options appear at the top. Clicking on the Hosting tab directs you to the Hosting section, where a clear list of your websites under their relevant hosting plan is displayed.

From this point on, you can add additional websites or renew/upgrade your hosting plan. The CTAs are appropriately marked with the different options to make your life easier. 


Moving on to the emails section, you will see a clear summary of your active email accounts, their expiration date, and the ability to obtain a New Email Plan.


Domains  Among the choices available to you in this area are acquiring new domains, moving existing domains, and altering nameservers and contact information.


The Servers area allows customers to compare and contrast the price, advantages, and features of several VPS plans in order to select the best one for them. On the same website, you can manage your virtual private servers, install one of the many available operating systems and control panels, and monitor server utilization.

SSL Security

Hostinger takes security seriously, thus it’s no surprise that it has its own tab in hPanel. To offer you a fast overview of the SSL security layer, it is a protective covering that improves the trust, ranking, and overall security of your website. SSL is installed on all trustworthy and high-performing websites you visit on a regular basis, and it goes without saying that you should as well.

In the SSL area, you can quickly manage and configure SSL certificates for your web pages.


In terms of administrative and management structure, you don’t need to search through emails to get answers. The billing area keeps you up to date on the status of your plan and payment history, as well as allows you to renew domains and alter payment methods.

Customer Service

The help section is one of the most useful features of the hPanel. It provides customers with access to the Hostinger Knowledge Base and Tutorials, as well as the ability to directly contact our Customer Success team for assistance. At Hostinger, we strive to leave no queries unanswered, and the support area is specifically created to assist you in resolving your internet problems.


Image source – Hostinger

Hostinger’s Power Store gives you the ability to improve the performance, functionality, and design of your website. This may be achieved by integrating features, add-ons, and upgrades such as Cloudflare Protection, Daily Backups, Business Email, and others. The Store is an excellent method to improve your website, separate it from the competition, and offer it the best chance of ranking higher and attracting more people.

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hPanel Possibilities

Let’s learn more about the hPanel and the opportunities it provides. Return to the first tab, the Hosting section, and click Manage beside the relevant web page to view it. After then, the entire hPanel dashboard will show. Your hosting plan’s quick overview information may be seen on the left side. The search bar is in the upper right corner, and your controls are in the center.


Users may control WordPress installations, manage hpanel WordPress site plugins, create a secure website connection, enable/disable maintenance mode, and manage WordPress automatic updates under the WordPress area.


The Order section enables the tracking of website performance statistics, plan utilization, and website data on a daily basis. You get access to any detail you need to monitor and understand, from processing power and memory to processes and website issues. You may also renew or upgrade your current hosting plan fast.


The accounts icon takes you to all of your hosting technical information, like nameservers, IP addresses, FTP information, and more. Change the FTP or SSH passwords of a hosting plan from here if necessary.


The Hostinger Email service may be used to set up and modify email accounts, featuring things like forwarders, catch-all emails, and auto-responders.


The hPanel Domains section provides you with more access and control over details. It includes things like managing subdomains, parked domains, add-on domains (adding more websites to your hosting account), and even redirecting your websites and installing CloudFlare for better security and loading times.


This section of the hPanel has a number of choices that allow you to control different aspects of your website. Use Auto Installer, for example, to install over 50 different software, including WordPress, automatically.

Additionally, importing from a file or moving your website from another provider to Hostinger is a fully automated, free, and lightning-fast process. You may customize error pages, use the SEO Toolkit to help your page rank higher, or jump into the field of coding with Fiverr.


is an online marketplace for freelancing services that connect low-cost suppliers from all around the world. There, you can quickly hire individuals to accomplish a variety of jobs, like WordPress and logo design, programming, and even voiceover work. Fiverr’s core offering is digital marketing, whereas Business Solution is a premium service designed for larger teams and enterprises. 


The File Manager provides immediate access to website files and enables users to edit, remove, extract, move files within directories, and import files straight to the server.

You may reserve and restore websites using the advanced backup tool, or you can view your complete Backup History. Access FTP information, update the account password or establish a new FTP account if needed.


Using the most popular administration tool, PHPMyAdmin, you may create, import, and edit databases. Connect to your databases remotely and make changes while you’re on the road. What appeared to be a very technical operation is now a matter of a few mouse clicks. To deal with the more technical components of your website, you do not need to be a developer or a website specialist.

Advanced. The advanced part is for individuals who aren’t scared to take the next step! Change the hosting PHP configuration options, such as picking the PHP version, turning on/off different PHP extensions, managing the host timezone, or deleting Cache.

It also supports cron tasks to run scripts automatically, connecting over SSH to transfer, edit, rename, and extract files, remotely installing new software, and deploying your apps straight from the Git repository. You may also install and manage SSL certificates for added protection.


Additional hPanel features include allowing or blocking IP addresses from visiting your site, password-protecting your website or page, blocking direct access to particular file types on your website, and monitoring folder indexing under the hood.

An activity log that keeps track of actions made on your web pages may be found here. Reset your account, erase all files and information, and revert to the default settings or You can even deactivate your account and delete any data, emails, and websites associated with it without the ability to restore them. Everything is smooth, easy to use, and accessible.

To conclude, hPanel and cpanel is the place where you, as a user, may access information about your domain, website, and plan. Hostinger is constantly working to improve hpanel demo by offering updates and new features. This enables the user experience to be customized depending on actual user feedback. Additionally, no license costs are included, resulting in even lower pricing for our consumers.

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