In 2021 1Password is Best or Not | Retailed Review

1Password  How good is 1Password? What features Does it offer and how does it implement security? Should you trust this service? 

Find out everything in this ultimate 1Password review. Our team has spent countless hours reviewing and ranking all the best password managers available out there so you can easily and confidently choose the best option without wasting your time or money. 

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In this blog, we will review1Password, one of the most popular password managers around. We also show you how you can secure a massive discount on one password as well as our number one password manager. So stay with us. 

 1Password, Password Manager, onepassword, password, ipassword, security, keychain, secure, 1pass, wallet, vault, password, manager, lastpass, keeper, dashlane, keychain, safe, passwords, ipassword, password manager
Image source – 1Password

Which password manager is your pick and why. We will reply to all the comments with the coronavirus continuing to deal the world with heavy blows, working from home has gradually become the new normal, and while it was a little difficult to dump the traditional working system and adapt to a new one, most people look to have finally settled in Upwork. 


One of the world’s most popular freelancing platforms claims that over 40% of the US workforce now work from home. It is also estimated that by the year 2025, about 22% of the American workforce will be working from home, and with the pandemic refusing to go away, those numbers can only go up. 

It’s a good thing for cybercriminals when you reuse passwords, as it makes their job a lot easier for just a few bucks per year. The manager helps you deal with everything related to password management. 

This way you can easily go about your work without being wary of cybercriminals looking to spy on your passwords. With a password manager, you can easily sell your passwords and retrieve them without breaking a sweat. Apart from storing passwords, an excellent password manager also helps you create new strong passwords. 

This means you don’t need to memorize or even create your passwords. Having said that, we must mention that the market has become saturated with many password managers nowadays, so it may be difficult to know the reliable ones, especially if you’re inexperienced. In this review, we will look at

5 important facets of 1Password.

The first one is featured. This section will take a look at the range of basic and advanced Features that come with 1Password. 

Then we will cover Security. Since the password manager is a tool designed primarily for protection, it will be interesting to see how 1Password performs when it comes to security. Here are the security features. 

Encryption is reviewed. Apart from being effective, a good password manager also needs to be easy to use in the User-friendliness section. 

We will see how well one password 1Passwordunderstands this. One of the first ways of recognizing a reliable company is by looking at how easily accessible the IT support team is. Sooner or later, you’re bound to have some issues with your password manager, and no one can help you better than the Company support team in the support section, 

We will review 1Password’s performance in this regard. 

In the Pricing section, we will discuss different subscription packages on offer and their prices. Now that we’ve given you an idea of what to expect, let’s jump into the detailed review and related notes.

During the past few months, we’ve tested and reviewed all the top password managers available out there so you can easily and confidently choose the right option without wasting your time and money. At the moment, 


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In this review, we will start with a variety of features offered by 1 password as you would expect from a top password manager. 1 password comes with a wide range of advanced features.

The first unique feature you will find on the app is its multiple vaults, which means every account will have many volts. With this feature, your stored items can be categorized for easier navigation and selection. You can store whatever you want in the vault, including passwords, credit card details, secure documents, form fills. 

Better, vaults help users to securely organize their items. They are also useful for managing permissions and sharing credentials. 

If you authorize a family member or team member to access some credentials and data. You can gather all of the items in one Volt. Then you will give us access to the person. Needless to say, this adds convenience in more ways than one. 


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Another noteworthy feature we found on the password manager is the watchtower. While this feature is actually common on many top password managers, we still believe it is special and extremely helpful. It alerts you if you have a weak password or if you’ve reused the password you have used previously. 

The feature also alerts if your passwords are susceptible to attacks or if they have been breached before. Furthermore, Watchtower helps you monitor expiry dates for your credit cards. 

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This function can be really helpful, especially if you like shopping online and do not like having to renew payment details before making a purchase online. However, bear in mind that most of the watchtowers’ functions are turned off by default, so if you like them, try to activate them manually. Another excellent feature we would like to mention.

Travel mode.

Image source – 1Password

If you would like to hide sensitive data when traveling or crossing borders, it would do you a lot of good to have this feature handy.

It helps you conveniently conceal your important data like your company, social media logins, or encryption keys. Of course, these are just examples of the types of data you can hide unlimited when you turn on travel mode on your account, you’re allowed to mark certain pictures as safer travel. 

Pictures marked for this will remain visible on your device, while others will stay hidden to restore access to all your volts, turn off the Travel mode feature and you will be able to read all your files again. 1 great thing about this function. Or mode is that nothing indicates activeness when it’s turned off, therefore no intruder will ever suspect that you have hidden some files or data. 

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Additionally, 1Password plan for corporate bodies called teams enables a manager to have travel modes, control, and employees accounts. Obviously, this makes sense for business owners or admins who wouldn’t want sensitive company-related passwords or documents to be readable by authorities. One password is the only password manager that offers a travel mode feature, therefore.

If you like to protect your sensitive data or information during your travels, you should definitely consider 1Password. 


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Lastly, 1Password allows you to get rid of everything on your clipboard after a preset time frame. While the feature may seem insignificant, it is actually super helpful. 

Hackers are always lurking in the dark looking to spy on your clipboard details and lift copy data. So the feature means they will always find nothing. As a rule of thumb, you need to ensure the contents of your clipboard or clear quickly. 

However, the password manager allows you to extend the clearing period. Up to 1 1/2 minutes. This, along with other clearing time options, shows how flexible this incredible password manager can be. 

Sometimes you may need to keep the contents on the clipboard longer so it makes perfect sense with this incredible array of advanced features. 

We give 1Password 5/5 in the features category that takes us to probably the most important section of this review. Try 1Password for FREE!


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Security is one of its statements,1Password claims that security is not only a feature is the foundation on which the company is built. Judging from everything we saw during our tests, we think 1 password is keeping its promise pretty well until now.

If you are still skeptical about the security performance of 1 password, we’d like to tell you a few things to start with, 

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AICPA SoC two Type 2 certifications

The password manager has AICPA SoC two Type 2 certifications which indicate secure and safe data management. 

Certification means that 1Password has undergone comprehensive audits and security procedures and policies have been thoroughly documented furthermore.

AES 256 bit encryption,

1Password uses AES 256 bit encryption, which is probably the most reliable form of encryption in the world. The encryption is almost impossible to hack, which explains why some of the biggest security outfits rely on it. Your master password is the access key to the encryption, which means you must protect it by all means. 

zero-knowledge policy

Another reason why we believe one password is secure is its zero-knowledge policy, which means the company doesn’t track, sell, or store your data; besides, the password manager is recognized for being an extremely safe platform.

SRP protocol

Providing in-depth defense for in-transit data in another move to further strengthen security and prevent cybercriminals from intercepting data in transit, the company has adopted an SRP protocol that protects security keys, master passwords, and every other data.

However, even if this fails, the company has a plethora of other fortifications, which means data breaches are very unlikely with this company. Apart from the AES 256 bit encryption, the company also uses 2-factor authentication to protect your data. In addition, there is PBKDF 2 key strengthening which eliminates the chances of brute force attempts against your master password to add an extra security layer 128 bit. Secret keys are adopted for all your devices. Other impressive security features that password manager offers include 

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Phishing Protection

phishing protection in auto-lock, and, as we mentioned earlier, there is a powerful Watchtower feature that warns you when you use it. 

We can recycle passwords. It also provides dark web monitoring to guarantee that your passwords have not been previously compromised. In this Section 1 Password score is 4.5 of five scores slightly missing out on the full marks. 

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Image source – 1Password

The next section focuses on the user-friendliness of 1 password. Generally, one password is a very intuitive interface across all its apps, making it easy for users to interact with it. 

Whether you are using Mac OS, Windows, Android, or iOS, what you need to do at every point is clearly indicated. It’s simple to import passwords and login details from other password managers and web browsers.

Data management is also made convenient and simple with multiple easy-to-access vaults with a separate vault you can easily put certain items into different categories. 

For instance, you can put everything related to work in 1 Volt and everything related to the family in another. 

Everything is easy to read and find, including the significant information provided by Watchtower. It’s also easy to activate the travel mode, which helps you to hide companies’ important and sensitive pieces of data like social media logins, encryption keys while you are crossing borders.It’s also easy to implement other features like clipboard clearing, however, it’s a little awkward to update passwords, especially since it needs to be done one after the other. 

This somehow takes away from the efficiency of the Watchtower, especially if dozens of weak passwords are detected. Nonetheless, this is a little downside in an extremely functional package. 

AIDS user-friendliness

Another impressive thing about AIDS user-friendliness on this app is its biometric login option. For mobile phones. This feature makes the app super easy to use apart from that.

The mobile application comes with its own built-in browser which has a crisp and clean interface. However, it must be noted that the mobile version is a little less flexible compared to the desktop app. For instance, it provides just one set clipboard wiping period rather than the wide range of clearing times provided by the desktop application, but most of the limitations are minor, so you should have a decent experience with the mobile app as well. 

Straightforward login process

Moving on to one password is a straightforward login process when you would like to retrieve a stored password.Simply visit that site and then tap on the browser extension that shows up in the log-in box. All of the account logins that are available for that website will then appear for easy selection.

Browser extension

Image source – 1Password

One password also offers a browser extension which mostly allows users to use their information on demand. 

However, it can also help you create new passwords if you sign up for a new account or update an old one. In the event that you need to store more data, like important documents or credit card details, you would need the mobile app or the desktop program.Again, one password performs brilliantly in this category, scoring 4.5 to 5

Pricing Plan 

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That takes us to the manager’s pricing structure. Does one password have affordable plans? Let’s find out. First of all, we’d like to note that one password doesn’t offer a free plan

However, the company provides a risk-free 14 day free trial for most of their plans, and you’ll be relieved to know that, unlike most free trial offers, one password doesn’t need your credit card information to sign up for a free trial

Image source – 1Password

You would also be glad to know that the free trial is not limited. Allowing you to access significant features like travel mode, watchtower in the vaults. However, it must be said that one password is quite expensive, especially when you compare it to most top password managers on the market. However, we don’t think they should be surprising given its incredible reputation and the wide range of features built into it. 

Personal and family

The plans are divided into two categories, personal and family, and team in the business. 

The personal plan costs 299 per month and the family plan costs 499 per month. The major difference between the two is that the family package comes with more family-oriented features, Get your team set up with 1Password with the new Teams Starter Pack, just $19.95 per month!

Team and business

Including licenses for up to five people for the team and business category. There are three plans: teams, businesses. And enterprise while the 1st 2 cost three 9799 per month, respectively. 

The enterprise plan doesn’t come with a fixed price, it’s made for big companies that require onboarding programs and custom training. Therefore they will need to obtain a custom quote for this service. 

Unfortunately, one password only scores 2.5 in this category as it lacks a free plan and his packages are somewhat expensive. Short Business

Image source – 1Password

Customer Supports

Image source – 1Password

Will now move on to our last category.  That is, customer support. One password is one of the most reputable companies in the business when it comes to customer offers support via Email Twitter and a support form that is highly active and interactive however the company doesn’t offer chat or phone supports still there is no reason to worry as a supportive provides via the existing means is detailed helpful and prompt apart from the highly efficient support channels the company also maintains a comprehensive FAQ page which contains detailed answers to most of the problems you can ever face while using the manager. 

Moreover, the form is searchable and you can easily type and find answers to your questions. If you are unable to find answers on the FAQ. Page the company offers effective support via Twitter, email, and support form. 

Image source – 1Password

However, we’d like to see chat or phone support in the future as some issues can be really hard to resolve through the currently available channels for people who are subscribed to business plans and higher, there are VIP supports, but if you are a regular subscriber, email support may be your best bet. Meanwhile, email support is not instantaneous. 

In the customer support category, one password scores 5/4 marks out of five while the available support channels are relatively fast and helpful. 

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We couldn’t look past the lack of phone or chat support, so that’s the end of our comparison. Overall, one password is one of the most popular password managers and it hasn’t become one by accident with its array of powerful features in permeable security and a clean user interface. 

The company definitely earned its reputation. Thank you for staying with us. Now we would like to hear from you. Let us know about your favorite password manager service.

Go ahead. Forget your passwords. 1Password remembers them for you.

1Password, Password Manager, onepassword, password, ipassword, security, keychain, secure, 1pass, wallet, vault, password, manager, lastpass, keeper, dashlane, keychain, safe, passwords, ipassword, password manager

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