In 2021 will Namecheap Hosting be Good or Bad ??

What is Namecheap 

The Namecheap review now Namecheap obviously from the name is a website domain seller, so essentially they sell website domains for people to use Anri route to their own hosting companies. But one thing they also do is offer their own hosting plans in case you just want to use the Domains.

On now they sell domains very cheap, Leanne. For domains. They are a very good company, but the question remains is if 

Namecheap Pros and Cons 

Namecheap is good for website hosting as well, so that’s what I’m looking into today’s blog  I’m gonna go ahead and cover the pros and cons of hosting and then tell you if I recommend using Namecheap as a hosting platform,

The biggest pros of Namecheap are that their starter plan lets you host up to 3 domain names. What this means is instead of the normal startup plans on most websites where you will only be able to host one website on that starter plan, Namecheap lets you host multiple websites on the same plan. 

Now the downside, of course. Being that if your website takes up enough resources, you don’t really need 3 websites on one plan, it would probably be better and serve your website better to just have one website per plan or one website, and then when you need more, upgrade your plan. 

But for those of you who want multiple websites which probably have very little. Traffic directed to those websites. Namecheap is great for that, that’s what Namecheap will allow you to do with this extra feature. Now they are also offering incredibly cheap prices for their website hosting which is one benefit of Namecheap. 
However, that does lead to the first of my cons which is the fact that they’re pricing. Is problematic now. Let me explain a lot of website hosts. 

Cheap ones like hosting her, provide stellar performance along with their very cheap pricing, leading of course to them becoming the industry standard for website hosting and one of the best website hosting companies in 2021. Namecheap, however, doesn’t quit. The thing in mind, whenever you are looking for website hosting is that cheap and good website hosting and cheap and good domain names.

Don’t often come hand in hand. Usually, a company will specialize in either one or the other, but rarely will you find a company that sells domain names for very cheap and also very cheap. High-quality hosting plans

Make your Dream Website With Namecheap

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This review. Namecheap definitely seems to fall into that segment, Excel and providing cheap domain names for sale for you.  But when it comes to their hosting, it’s just lacking. Overall, I think their hosting is pretty decent.


It’s certainly not the worst company I’ve ever reviewed, but I think there are a lot of better options which you can go with like Hostinger, Godaddy, and Interserver. If you want high-quality website hosting so in the end, even though I would recommend Namecheap as a reliable service in a decent service, it’s more average.

It’s not going to excel in any of the services they give you other platforms and you can see Deal page  my top 3 favorite web hosting companies of 2021

Shared Hosting with Namecheap
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