InterServer Hosting review 2021

What is interserver

Interserver Hosting review, Interserver was among the best web hosting companies in 2019 offering transparent pricing plenty of features cheap web hosting plans and we’re just an overall really good customer-focused company with plenty of awesome business practices but.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain look how they massacred my boy interserver has made quite a huge update in 2021 both to the visual brand and the way they conduct business so here’s everything you need to know before you buy inter server in 2021

Interserver Hosting

The way interserver used to work is that they had one plan it was five dollars and that’s it you pay five dollars each month and you get absolutely everything you need for your website simple the price wouldn’t increase with time

There were no sneaky complicated pricing schemes and a billion different options to choose from but then someone at Interserver was like you know.


Interserver Hosting Plans

What this is what makes us great this is why our users love us and this is how we can stand out from other web hosting companies let’s change absolutely everything about that and do exactly as other companies are doing and I hate when marketing people do this and I can almost guarantee that Interserver did hire someone new and he was like okay quit everything you’re doing we’re gonna do it like this now let me explain. 

The simple plan and pricing structure were changed to a more standard model that you might see other web hosting companies use instead of just one plan. Now you have three: the standard boost 2 and boost 4 all with different price points. The no price increase feature of the interserver is now gone as well.

You see the cheapest plan which is five dollars will now renew at seven dollars after your initial subscription expires but the boost 2 and boost 4 plans do not increase in price. You’ll always pay the exact same amount which is 10 or 20 dollars a month based on which plan you chose and then. 

there’s the price law guarantee which basically means if these plans go up in price in the future your account will not be charged the new price and why is this important well recently providers like siteground just felt like doubling.

How Good is interserver

Their prices and this affected not only new users but existing users as well and imagine paying 10 dollars for your hosting services for a straight year and then having to pay twenty dollars because well Siteground Hostinger, GoDaddy, felt like doubling the prices well this won’t happen with Interserver and then having to pay twenty dollars because well Siteground felt like doubling. 

The prices well this won’t happen with Interserver and their price lock guarantee even though Interserver has changed a bit they’re still offering quite a cheap web hosting plans when compared to other web hosting companies for example if we would compare the prices for one year of unlimited web hosting here’s 

Interserver Pricing Services

How it would look interserver would initially cost you 54 dollars and we knew at 84 dollars.  Bluehost would initially cost you 90dollars and renew at 156 dollars and the side round would initially cost you 120 dollars and renew at a staggering 300and even though Interserver offers cheap and even though Interserver offers cheap do not lack any features. 


Easy to use Control Panel
Speed Optimization
Unlimited Storage Space
Free Website Migration
Unlimited Support


2GB RAM + 30GB SSD Storage
Multiple Operating Systems
Instant Activation
cPanel or Direct Admin
Unlimited Support


Xeon E3-1230
Memory – 8 GB
Hard Drive – 2000 GB
Hardware Replacement Guarantee
Unlimited Support

that you might need at the moment even with the cheapest five dollar plan you get unlimited ssd storage space for your files  unlimited professional email accounts unlimited number of visitors a month and a free ssl certificate you can also get a special offer to try out inter server by paying just one cent this works on their boost 2 and boost 4 plans just click the link in and boost 4 plans just click the link in try inter server 

The price for one month  will change to 1 cent but keep in mind that the links down below are actually affiliate links. That means if you buy anything through them I’ll make a commission that helps me make more latest web hosting  reviews and tutorials as a full-time job and supports the website.  

Also, I’m able to keep my reviews honest because I don’t have to take sponsorships so you’re helping dishonesty and the general bull shittery that’s going on in the web hosting industry but getting back on track yes inter-server over-complicated.

Interserver Cheap Web Hosting

The hell out of their web hosting service with this new update instead of one price one plan no price increases now they have three plans with different pricing models some of the increase in price some of them don’t but in general.

They’re still offering cheap web hosting that performs really good you can get monthly or yearly plans for a fraction of the cost of what you pay with other web hosting providers for spectacular performance I’ve wanted to test out inter-server speeds by setting up a few real-world scenarios for this I’ve bought their standard plan for five dollars a month. 

Interserver Website Speed 

I’ve created a WordPress website using their automatic WordPress installer then I’ve added some design elements to it and made it into something that could actually pass a website once I had this website created I’ve tested the performance using the gt metrics without absolutely any optimizations my website loaded in 1.3 seconds 

Interserver Servers

The time to first byte was just 0.4 seconds but is that fast yes that’s really really fast that’s close to what other providers are offering with their 15 20 or 25 dollar plans less than half a second for the server to respond is actually not surprising from inter server because. 

They have their own data centers. They have their own infrastructure. Having their own data centers allows inter-servers to only use a 50% capacity on each server instead of overloading each one. 

with users to be as cost effective as possible this ensures that you as the user are getting a faster and more stable service and talking about stability i’ve been monitoring inter server for the past half a year and in the last six months. 

My inter-server website was offline for only one hour scoring inter-server a 99.98 uptime. I’ve also wanted to see how many monthly users the inter-server cheapest plan can handle.

I ran some stress tests and I found out that with around 50 users at the same time my website slowed down considerably the green line is users being added over time the blue line is how fast the server is able to respond ideally you want the blue line to be as flat as possible but as you can see here it jumps all over the place fight fake reviews


Inter-server as a web hosting company these add-ons could easily be paid ones for an extra five or seven dollars a month but inter server just gives them out for  free without you having to jump through a bunch of hoops to redeem

Them or any of the upselling nonsense even with the recent changes I can’t fault inter-server too much I did feel that they were offering too much for the price that they were asking and a two-dollar increase in price is something

I can deal with considering all of the extra features and the great performance that they’re offering and I think that they’ve said it best themselves Interserve is an honest company trying to keep a fair approach

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