Is Godaddy Good for Beginners

It’s almost a universal truth. Everyone hates GoDaddy, right? There’s even a website called anti-GoDaddy that has bad reviews from way back in 2006. The last one seems to be in 2015, nine out of 10 reviewers will say do not use GoDaddy at any cost and refer you to another web hosting provider. 

Why is that? Well, among some other features, it’s mostly money. You see, reviewers make money when you buy something through their links. This is true for absolutely any web hosting review website, video, article, etc. Even the content that I make is no exception and different web hosting providers pay different rates.GoDaddy basically pays nothing when compared to other companies. 

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They have their own marketing departments. They take care of their own marketing. They do not focus on affiliate commissions. However, for reviewers, this means that there’s not a big incentive to offer GoDaddy to you. It’s much more lucrative to offer you other web hosting companies. They pay them more on top of that, GoDaddy isn’t the cheapest, and it’s not the fastest web hosting provider. It doesn’t even have the best support, so it’s a really easy target to hate. But today I’ll actually share just a FACTS test results. 

Customer testimonials and actually employee testimonials as well while sprinkling in a little bit of my own. Personal opinion so you can make its decision for yourself if GoDaddy is something that’s like or you hate, 

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History & Facts 

let’s get started. Let’s start off with the fact GoDaddy is huge. According to data nice, 17% of websites that detested are hosted on GoDaddy, and Trust me, 17% for just one company is insane. For reference on the same scale Bluehost has. If 3% market share and HostGator has 3.5%, GoDaddy has 19.3 million customers and makes around $800 million a year there. 

This is because of two factors. One, there’s an old company they’ve been doing web hosting since 1997, and two. They spend a crapton on marketing. Though it’s unclear most companies attempt to spend around 10% of their earnings on marketing so I can estimate that GoDaddy has a marketing budget of $80 million every single year. 

OK, so they’re an older company and they have a lot of cash to blow on marketing on the outside, Wallace on the inside. 

But they have to be doing something right to be this profitable, right? So how is their service? I actually bought the plan with GoDaddy back in 2019.

Pricing Model 

The cheapest plan here starts at 599 a month, but this standard trick applies if you want to pay 599, you have to opt-in for an 836 month period. If you host your website for only a year, the price jumps to 699 a month and these prices are not cheap. 

Some Free Features

Especially considering that you do not get a free SSL certificate, you do not get automated backups or even essential security together with a plan. All of these extra features are left as add ONS. The problem is these extra options are priced quite absurdly. For example, the website security tool does little to nothing in my experience. 

And it costs more than the web hosting plan. The SSL certificate has monthly billing, but you should never pay for an SSL certificate because they are free. I actually have a guide on how you can get SSL certificates completely free of charge, even using GoDaddy as an example that you can find right around here and I do not recommend buying SSL certificates from GoDaddy because they charge you. 

Around $80.00 for it a year. That’s actually absurd. I don’t recommend you buy anything extra from GoDaddy because nine out of 10 times it is overpriced. 

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GoDaddy Discount 

However, GoDaddy does have some hidden discounts that offer much better deals so that you can get them normally. For example, if you use the links in the description, you will be able to get one year of hosting. 

Image source – Godaddy

Plus the domain name plus Email and GoDaddy WordPress site hosting for $12.00. The regular price is around $100, so that’s quite a significant discount.

They did not ask for it and we will not get to review the script before I publish it. In fact, they probably don’t even know this Blog exists, because, in reality, they don’t care. I’m just sharing this information with you because this is how I monetize my YouTube channel and I tried to be as honest as possible.

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Control Panel 

So I had to go to GoDaddy plan from way back in 2019 when I did my previous review, but for this one, I bought a plan. Would GoDaddy again just to see if anything changed? Here’s how it all looks under the hood. Currently, in all honesty, it’s pretty decent. The design is modern and easy to navigate. You have different sections for different features. 

Image source – Godaddy

And you have your primary menu when you can see a quick summary of your website and then you can access these standard C panels that will hide all of the controls and advanced features hide if you’ve ever dealt with web hosting before, you should definitely be familiar with this control panel. This is where you’ll be able to create your free professional business email accounts. You just selected the domain you want to use. Enter the name and. Password and boom. 

Now we have Emmitt at Emmet nice and professional and of course, just like with any web hosting that uses C panel, I was able to automatically install WordPress onto my website with just a couple of clicks. You basically just need to choose your login information and everything else is done automatically. Only takes a couple of minutes.


Now I wanted to do some performance tests, but for that, I needed a website. So I quickly created a website using their automatic installation but they have not installation SSL automatic 

and then I loaded in some demo content to make it as close as possible to something that could actually pass for a real website. 

I would say the whole process took me around 10 minutes. It wasn’t overly complicated and GoDaddy actually makes the website creation process quite easy and straightforward. The first test I ran was using a tool called the GTMetrix

Hosting Speed 

My GoDaddy website loaded between 2:00 or 4 seconds with a time to 1st byte a big 0.7 seconds. 

These are somewhat average and extremely inconsistent results. Especially if you’re paying full price for the plants, by the way, just so we’re on the same page, time to 1st byte basically means how long it took for the server to initially respond before even loading any of that content. 

For more expensive web hosting providers, you’re always looking for this number to be below half a second. I’ve been using GoDaddy for. For quite some time now, more than a year, actually on some throwaway projects, and I always monitor my websites using external tools to see how often they go down, and I can’t really fault the stability of GoDaddy. 

GoDaddy with Extra Tool Free

It’s one of the more stable web hosting providers I’ve tested all year. Pingdom showed an uptime of over 99.93%. 

That means my website was offline for only four hours in one year. GoDaddy guarantees an uptime of 99.9% on their website, and as far as I’m concerned this guarantee seems to check out since I’ve been running the test for over a year and the uptime is 99.93% so. At least they’re not lying in that regard. To summarize the whole performance, 

Control Panel Interface

Here’s what I think the control panel itself is very beginner-friendly and easy to use for more advanced functionality. We have the standard Cpanel and every single function that you could want in terms of loading speed. 

I don’t like the inconsistencies, I don’t like that sometimes it’s 2 seconds, sometimes it’s.4 seconds of course, for smaller projects it’s not that big of a deal, but for larger projects, it will definitely need more consistent loading times across the board. 

Especially considering if you’re looking to host the website on a really, really tight budget, you can get it decently fast and very stable website for just $1.00. A month if you’re using the links down below when taken into consideration the facts and raw performance data, GoDaddy isn’t actually a bad web hosting provider. 

Their decent is just that competition has gotten so much better and their profit margins are getting worse. So in my opinion GoDaddy is actually trying to get. Out of the web hosting business because there’s less money to be made here, they are moving heavily towards website builders because the profit margins are much higher there and the main competition is only weeks and square space. 

That’s why you see them advertised their website builder over web hosting services in most countries.


This is where most of the complaints about GoDaddy stem from their customer support team, or more accurately, their insanely pushy marketing team. On the surface, everything seems nice. You’ve got a 24/7 live chat, support, and phone support in a billion different languages. Like seriously, look at this support in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, and many many many, many more. 

Image source – Godaddy

Some of these countries can’t even pronounce. You’ve also got quite an extensive knowledge base that’s very easy to navigate, contains plenty of well-written, illustrated, and even highlighted articles.  What’s that like, man? Why right? Well, as it turns out a lot there is a lot not like.

Answer that this is a very common tactic and he made a ton of sales this way. GoDaddy also sends out a lot of marketing emails. I had people reach out saying that often if their website is broken, GoDaddy supports and tries to solve every problem with more expensive packages, more sales, and extra features. Was I too nice to GoDaddy in this review? 

Yeah, some people might actually say that, so let’s put some more fuel into the fire. If your GoDaddy website for any reason gets hacked, breaks or you just lose the files. The GoDaddy support team will actually help you recover your website and restore it for the low, low price.150 two $300. 

Yeah, that’s right. They will restore your files for the average monthly salary of Pakistan, at least according to Google. If you want to use GoDaddy for web hosting, 

GoDaddy: The Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that GoDaddy is one of the most known names out there. It also has over 17 million domain names on its portfolio worldwide. It contains most domains.

Nevertheless, GoDaddy’s choice as your web hosting company is both beneficial and negative. The most notable ones to be considered here are.


Support 24/7: GoDaddy assures it is always there if you ever need a hand or have problems with your website. You may reach them via telephone or utilize their convenient chat assistance option.

Much storage: When you look at GoDaddy’s hosting plans and compare them, it is generous with its unmet bandwidth feature for all levels.

Domain GoDaddy gives you the opportunity to snack your domain for the first year for 99 cents, so you may save money at the beginning.

Limitless hosting: Most GoDaddy plans allow you to host unlimited websites with the exception of their least expensive economic plan.

Comfort: As you can control your domain and website from one location, GoDaddy gives comfort in both the management of your dashboard.


Constant upselling: GoDaddy is known to upsell at every stage of the checkout. While it pays tribute to costs for each level, it is eager to propose more features and functions that you may not require.

Costly renewal rate: this is one reason why I believe GoDaddy is ideal for start-ups who only want their feet with hosting at the entrance. Once this year is through, the renewal rate for GoDaddy might start to be expensive.

Add-ons charge: for example, other hosting companies will register their first-year domain free of charge or include free SSL certification in their plans. Depending on the plan you pick, GoDaddy does not offer these things always and might charge them extra.

Inconsistent customer service: GoDaddy assistance is not always the best in terms of comfort and reliability. Long waiting times are always possible for the appropriate individual to connect.


I can only recommend them if you get an insane discount. For example, the $12.00 four-year deal. It’s just really good value for money at the moment, and you can always cancel after the one year is up, but in general. 

Water full price. GoDaddy isn’t really a good web hosting company. This specialized more in domain names and now they’re shifting their focus onto their website builder tool, which is a really good product by the way, and I will probably do a review on it in the future. And still, with all of that taken into consideration, I still don’t think that GoDaddy is as bad as most other people make it to be. 

And it’s not really a good choice for larger projects are due to average performance and high costs. GoDaddy is best for simple template websites that utilize one-click installers and never need any external help. If you’re trying to get more out of your web hosting provider, it’s probably not the best idea to choose GoDaddy.


The biggest problem of GoDaddy is that their competitors just simply outperform them over the years and GoDaddy they’re not actively putting in any effort to make their service better, because they don’t care about web hosting anymore.

They’re moving into the website builder space and they’ve always been primarily a domain name, a company. They’ve actually bought up a unit registry and some other companies that sell domain names and are becoming a huge domain name monopoly because you can use the domain name you get from GoDaddy with absolutely any other web hosting service of your choice and the domain names alone usually cost around $12.00, and in this plan, you also get web hosting. 

That you can use for throwaway projects, Joe projects, or as he backup for your main web hosting provider to avoid some serious downtime. I hope you enjoyed this review and I’ll see it in the next Blog with some exciting Offers and Hosting Domains reviews

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