Is Semrush Best Tool For SEO ?

Is Semrush Best Tool For SEO ? So I’m going to start by saying something super obvious here. If you have a website or a blog or channel, whatever it is, what’s the one thing we all want more visitors, right? 

I did warn you it would be obvious, so whatever your business is, if you have an online presence, you can’t do anything without traffic, and this is probably the thing I get asked the most, not just from social media and people reaching out by email, but other business owners in. Who wants to try and have some success online? How do I get more visitors or more views? 

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That’s why I wanted to take some time to share a tool I love called Semrush. You can click the button below. 

Image source - Semrush
Image source – Semrush

Sign up for a free trial and then open it up so you can follow along with what I’ll be showing you as we go through it now. If you haven’t heard of SCM Rush, this is a tool that is like a one-stop-shop for getting more traffic.


It’s got a ton of different SEO tools and it can help you analyze your own website in all your competitors so you can see how to climb up the rankings, but it can also be used to help you work out what kind of content people are looking for, what they’re searching for, and how you can get in front of them.

Because that’s the whole aim, right? If people don’t see you, you can’t show them that you have value or a good offer for them, or great content or whatever it is.

So I’m going to give you a walk-through here today of some of the things that Semrush can do and how it helps with traffic by showing you how to improve your SEO. 


But price-wise it does cost more, and I think that’s probably the. The only thing that makes people debate whether or not to get it. So we really want to see today if it’s worth the cost of just under $100 per month.

Semrush Price
Image source – Semrush

Keyword Research

Now I started using Semrush around eight years ago when I was trying to find a better way to do keyword research, and that’s probably still the main reason why I open it up to this day.

Semrush tools
Image source – Semrush

SEO Optimization Tools

Ok, so let’s open it up and I’ll show you what it can do. The first thing we’re going to quickly look at is auditing a website. 

Search results

This is a simple way to improve yours. Steel rankings by just fixing any obvious problems or making tweaks to the pages that you already have now you can do this for any website, but you’re probably going to start by looking at your own so you can go here and set up a project. 

Search Backlink Profiling

This means you don’t have to keep repeating this step every time you want to check your site, and so you can keep track of what changes over time because. Semrush is just going to show you what you need to do to improve. You have to go make those changes yourself, whether that’s creating content or fixing errors, or creating backlinks. 

Image source – Semrush

Search Engines Seo

And once you do that, you’ll see that Semrush did help, and ultimately that you’re getting more traffic. O having your domain as a project lets you do that. You’ll probably want projects for your main competitors too, so. You can just keep an eye on what they’re doing, like if they have pages that are getting a lot of traffic or new stuff there. Publishing and so on. I’ll just be using this site right now as an example, so up here you can see these sites’ health. That’s basically telling you what the big obvious things are that you need to work on, and that could be certain errors or duplications, or just making sure that. 

All these search engines are able to crawl your site and use that information to give you a ranking in the world of SCO. Unlike the real world, you do want everyone to be able to crawl all over you, and Semrush will look at each page of your site and give you a bunch of suggestions for how you can improve the SEO.

Search Ranking Target Keywords

That could be simple stuff like making an article or a blog a little longer, or. It might tell you domains where you should try and get backlinks. You can go compare yourself with your competitors and how both of you are ranking what your best keywords are and so on. But I’m going to move on now to the main thing I like to use Semrush for and that’s keyword research. Honestly, just because of time I won’t be able to cover a fraction of what you can do here, but. I’m planning on doing a lot more detailed look at some of the other tools and uses of Semrush

So if you have any requests, just leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to try and work on those as well. 

Keyword Magic tool 

Now let’s look at my favorite Semrush tool called keyword Magic. Now if Semrush was entirely just this one tool. I’d still pay the same price for it because it’s that helpful, and the reason I say that is I think there used to be a time where you could almost sit down with a piece of paper and come up with some clever ideas of niches to target or interesting keywords you might have been able to get ranked.

But unfortunately, those days are pretty much over, so the only way you have any chance of ranking on keywords is if you find long-tail keywords that you can compete on.

Keyword Magic Tool
Image source – Semrush

Seo Tool-Specific Keyword

Just in case you don’t know, a long tail just means multiple words together. If you search dog training, that’s a short-tail keyword. Now this long-tail versus short-tail keywords thing is really important because a stab Liszt websites are going to be ranked highly on most of these short-tail keywords in their niche. And even if a new product or idea appears in that niche with new keywords. 

SEO Tool-Specific Keywords
Image source – Semrush

Around it, if you both produce content about it, they will quickly get ranked higher than you on the new short-tail keywords simply because their whole site has a stronger ranking. And better backlinks and so on. So you’ve got to be smart and you’ve got to find long-tail keywords that you can really deliver on by giving the people who search exactly what they’re searching for.

If you do that over and over, that’s how you make it work and build up your credibility and grow your audience and climb the rankings. 

Plan Competitor Research Keyword

Alright, so let’s look at an example who Semrush works so you can see what results you get and what all the data means. Zero, you need new content and you want to target something you can rank on you. Pick something I want to talk about, let’s say calendar apps. Now you know yours. Probably never going to compete on the calendar. 

The app is a keyword, so let’s see what else we can find now. You have all the keyword results here and you can filter them quickly with these tabs. So broad match is very general and I think you’re better off using phrase match so you keep your keywords close to what you intended exact match here will obviously narrow it down more and related is narrower again.OK, so you can see how the amount of results changes as we go through these tabs, but there’s a lot to work with here, 

So this column down the left is also super helpful because it gives me a bunch of suggestions for longer tail keyword groups for me to look at so I can quickly see if there’s anything useful or interesting that jumps out at me. So what are we looking for here? Well, the main thing is these two columns. This one-volume shows the number of searches per month and this one here. KD percentage gives you a percentage of how difficult it will be to get in the top 20 results on Google Organic search.

1% would be super easy and 99% is basically don’t even bother trying, so we want this Katie percentage to be as low as possible. So I like to look for things. Around 20 to 30% or less again if possible. Now that means that the search volume is probably going to be lower too, but that’s OK. 

Research  Ranking Keywords

What’s great about this tool is that it allows you to find a lot of these easy targets. Santa starts ranking them, and then the more you do that, the better your site becomes. The more traffic you get, and if you like, you’ll be able to go after more difficult, more popular keywords. As time goes on. This is because when you start getting traffic. 

Research Rankin Keywords
Image source – Semrush

Google gets more information about your site and your internal links and how long people stay on a page, and so on.

This means they can see your site is useful and trustworthy and so it becomes more credible and gets pushed up in the rankings and at the end of the day, that’s why Semrush is worth the money because even though there are free tools out there or cheapest ones that give you some keyword results. 

Research Free

Semrush doesn’t show you all these amazing low-competition keywords with the same quality of data. If you can’t find keywords that you can rank on, then you’re just wasting your time spinning your wheels. 

Creating content that will never be seen or it will take forever for your site to grow. So as I said, this keyword magic tool is why I love Semrush because at the end of the day.

It’s what made me able to get my sites ranking and monetized much sooner than would have been possible with the free or lower-cost alternatives.

Traffic Analytics Tools

The increase in traffic more than pays for the cost of it every month. It’s also important to remember that this isn’t just a one-off job. You can’t just find one good keyword and put out a few pieces of content and that’s it.No,

Traffic Analytics tool
Image source – Semrush

This is going to be an ongoing process. You want to be constantly looking for new keywords to target so you can keep growing and ultimately increasing the amount of traffic to your site. So this your all work do just one tool that is Semrush


Now, who do I recommend Semrush for? Well, basically anyone who has a site or a channel that needs more traffic, or for anyone who’s their own CEO and wants a tool to help them. Make the best decisions for creating content that will be the easiest to rank. Like many others, I’m sure I initially held back on using Semrush because of the cost, but I tried using some of the cheaper and even free tools out there, found some success, 

Semrush plan packs
Image source – Semrush

But it felt more like luck and often wasted time trying to rank on something that took too long or that just didn’t bring me enough traffic when I. Even with its ranking, with SCM Rush, I’ve found that the data it provides is much more reliable, consistent, trustworthy, and as a result.

Organic Search With Semrush

Semrush I’ve been able to see faster rankings in Google and I got reliable traffic off the back of that which has more than paid for the cost of using this many times over. Because let’s say you find 50 keywords that have really low competition. 

And as a result, they only have, let’s say, 40 searches a month, but when you put that together, that’s potentially 2000 people as traffic to your site every month. And that’s not even taking into account all the other SEO improvements. Semrush can help you make. Also, it will save you a ton of time. 

Two, once you have all your regular projects and searches and competitors saved so you can quickly see what’s happening. So there’s a Button below click and buy your best plan and get more and more traffic on your site If you haven’t done so already and I really recommend that you give it ago. I found it extremely helpful over the years, particularly for helping to improve my site, but mainly as an absolute beast when it comes to working out what content I can create that will actually find an audience in bringing me great traffic.

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