10 Things To Know Before Buy 1Password

1Password to manage passwords and credentials for the tools you use for work10 Things To Know Before Buy 1Password. There’s also a world of secrets not used by humans, but by machines, certificates, signing keys, oh off tokens and other secrets that live in your infrastructure and make it possible for your companies applications to run reliably, making sure these secrets.

One Password protects more than just your passwords. Click here to start your privacy

Here are 10 other things you can keep safe in 1Password.

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  1. Credit cards spend less time checking out, saving, and filing credit card numbers. Expiration dates in verification codes, 
  2. Identity information. You can even fill in your address, email, and phone number with a single click. 
  3. Router information. Don’t waste time. Searching for the Wi-Fi password, keep it in one password or you can share it with your family. 
  4. Email account details. Keep the details of yourself hosted. Email account somewhere that takes privacy as seriously as you do. 
  5. Documents. Back up your most important documents, save everything from contracts to receipts to a copy of your will.
  6. Bank accounts. keep your bank details safe and securely share them with anyone in your family or on your team. 
  7. Drivers license. Save your drivers license and link it to your car and insurance documents so everything is always easy to find 
  8. Memberships. Hit the gym, watch movies, or attend a conference. Your membership numbers are always at your fingertips, so you can go wherever the day takes. 
  9. Passports. Keep your passport safely in one password so you can access it from any of your devices. 
  10. Rewards programs use one password to keep track of all your loyalty cards.

Things To Know Before Buy 1Password One password is the safest way to organize your digital life. 1password.com

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