The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

  • Do you use the affiliate program of Amazon?
  • Do you wonder how you as an Amazon affiliate might make more money?

As you are, I usually utilize my blog’s affiliate Amazon to generate money. I pondered for a long time how I might make the same money or more as the best Amazon affiliates.

The beginning of the Amazon membership niche is of course one, but I don’t want to. All I want to do is leverage and optimize my existing material to get more cash from the Amazon affiliate program.

This search allowed me to spend time looking for suggestions and techniques utilized by top Amazon companies and something important was found:

  • Many big earners use the comparison table Amazon affiliate
  • They have clean, conversion-oriented CTA buttons.
  • The Amazon product is highlighted by the boxes

Briefly, your posts are perfectly built for conversion of affiliates.


How could I do the same? That made me think?

My search for a reply leads me to find a popular Amazon AAWP affiliate plugin that I have used since that time. I feel that this is a superb WordPress affiliate plugin from the Amazon affiliate for hobby and pro bloggers.

I would try my utmost to offer all the advantages of the AAWP plugin and the AAWP plugin tutorial. But it is wonderful to also explore other functions on the official website for the AAWP plugin.

1. Use of AAWP plugin benefits:

This feature alone can upset your Amazon affiliate programme’s revenues.

Many people do not know that you do not utilise the geo-targeting functionality if you do not receive income from Amazon. Amazon has just released one link function, however only select few Amazon Geo shops are available for integration.

You may start earning money from all other Amazon Geo stores with the AAWP Geo-targeting functionality. I described how to use this feature in the next portion of this review.

2. Higher conversion of Amazon affiliate:

as AAWP incorporates CTR-oriented boxes, it helps you gain more affiliate sales.

This function alone is worth shopping for this premium plugin.

3. Auto update of product:

Since this plugin utilises the Amazon API, this will update your listing and provide you a better user experience. This will allow you to find new information.

However, Amazon’s prohibition on distributing obsolete information is less plausible.

4. Conformity of Amazon:

How often did you hear of users being prohibited due to compliance with their Amazon affiliate account?

Well, AAWP includes features such as “Automatic Affiliate Dissemination,” “Proxy Image,” and that you comply with the newest rules from Amazon.

5. Table of Comparison

The product comparison table permits you to do this in no time, if you are wanting to enhance sales.

AAWP may assist consumers to rapidly evaluate the feature of different items and select the one that is appropriate for them. AAWP allows you to compare items for Amazon items.

Now let’s have a look at the cost before I continue to the AAWP plugin configuration. Since AAWP is not a free plugin, it is a decisive element to price the plugin.

AAWP Price table
Image source – AAWP

The AAWP Plugin Usage:

You are all ready to start utilising the AAWP plugin once you have done all this. This is where the value of the plugin is obtained.

You may now add many things with AAWP, for example:

  • Boxes of Product
  • Table of comparison
  • Your own data Comparison table
  • Newcomers New
  • The best seller in a specific category

Use WordPress shortcodes to achieve all the above and more.

Now time to set up this Just click the Buy now button and Buy now 

Summary: AAWP Review

This is one of the greatest plugins for anyone involved in Amazon affiliate marketing. It helps immediately to enhance the income, making it a total value for money.

A highlight of the pros/cons of the AAWP plugin is presented in the table below. The only drawback I felt was the lack of assistance from AMP for a comparison table.

They assured me when I approached the AAWP Team that progress was being made and support was short to be introduced.

Pros of AAWP

  • Geo aimed at international guests
  • Conversion oriented
  • Value for money
  • Features-rich

Cons of AAWP

  • The AMP version of the comparison table will not operate

Moreover, most of your Amazon affiliate needs might be met by one single plugin.

Now time to make more affiliate with AAWP

Do I know which affiliate plugin you are using if you are an Amazon affiliate expert? Also, you may leave your experience and review in the comment area below if you’ve used or used the AAWP plugin. The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

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