The Best Tool For Noise Cancelling in 2021

I’m excited to go over this tool called Krisp. So Krisp is a tool for Noise Cancelling or more like a light pack for you to sound clear in your online meetings. So today will be going over with Krisp can do. Take Calls without Background Noise

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Who can use Krisp

Who can benefit from it? The pricing a look a bit at its features, so let’s go ahead and get started so Krisp can be utilized potentially by. Everyone most likely remote teams will be using it more since they are meeting online, but at any time you’re meeting online through Zoom, Google meets, etc. Noise Cancelling Then you can use Krisp. So Krisp is a tool for everyone. 

It is not specific towards a certain role like marketers or agencies etc and so forth. You can. Even use it on your own. If you are a student, if you’re a teacher, etc and so forth so you don’t have to use it with the team. If you can’t, that is completely OK, so let’s go ahead and go to the pricing. 



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They have the personal pro and the teams and then they have the enterprise which you would have to contact on your own. With the personal, it is completely free. You are getting the full effect of Krisp, except you’re limited to a certain amount of minutes.

So if you’re expected to go over 120 minutes then I would suggest going up to the personal pro. If you’re using this individually, you will still get that HD voice effect. Will get acoustic echo cancellation room echo cancellation Anna Power saving mode.

You will also get a certain amount of recording storage so that you can record with Krisp which we will talk about more in the features section. So definitely check out if either of these plans is for you or if you’re wanting to use this for your team. Definitely talk to that decision-maker because it is very inexpensive for all members to take advantage of it.

Front Page 

So let’s go ahead and go back to the front page of Krisp to look at more of the features already silver on the front page, and I did want to mention is that Krisp is for Mac and Windows. Users, so that is very important to note scrolling down. You will see how the Krisp setup looks.

Image source – Krisp

Meet Krisp App 

  • Noise cancellation based on AI
  • Enter undesirable sounds from both ends of a conference call
  • Full headset, microphone, and speaker support
  • HD Voice for the finest quality voice
  • Room echo removal
  • Acoustic echo removal
  • Low power mode for minimal CPU usage

So this is how it would look and I’ll pull up mine. This is how mine looks. It is exactly the same you choose which one to remove the noise from when you want to. Instantly mute

Communication apps

Scrolling down even further, you will see a few of the apps that they are. Integrated with, I use it for zoom, mostly because I haven’t used anything else but every now and then I’ll come across people who use Google meet, so that’s very helpful as well. 

Where I can feel comfortable talking in a setting, even with an app that I’m not familiar with. 

Image source – Krisp

Krisp makes everything go. Krisp makes everything go away. Hear the difference. Hear the difference.

So let’s go ahead and go down. Even further. So to hear how Krisp sounds we have a few noises right here that they have added and you could hear how it sounds with Krisp off and with Krisp on. 

I would definitely take a moment to look at that and hear it for yourself. 

Image source – Krisp

Audio Recordings Dashboard

Scrolling down even further. Noise Cancelling have the acoustic echo and room echo to take advantage of. And here is that recording section that I was mentioning. 

So depending on the pricing plan you will have a certain amount of storage. 

Said definitely would take a look at that if you are looking to record your online meetings. So here is the audio recording and it automatically saves to Krisp while you were working.  And that is pretty much it. Essentially it is there to remove that background noise that excess noise four at HD voice experience. 

You can feel a lot more comfortable when you’re meeting people you don’t have to worry about that excess noise and you can maintain a professional image in a professional conversation, so would highly recommended whatever pricing plan. 

That you would choose. Overall, anyone can benefit and I would definitely say that it is worth its money. I expect it to be a lot more expensive than what they’re offering, so I am very impressed 

Image source – Krisp

Krisp Pros and Cons

let’s talk about some pros and cons. Some pros that I would like to mention is that HD voice that they Noise Cancelling reduce the promoter that they mentioned because I use Krisp for my zooms meetings as I mentioned and it has made them sound a lot more professional because I am not a pro but they make me feel a lot more comfortable and confident easy. 

Along with that, we have the acoustic and echo cancellation room echo cancellation and that power saving mode as essentially all the features are utilized and they are very beneficial to help you maintain that professional experience. 
And As for the cons. I have absolutely no complaints. There are not too many features that I can think of that are overpowering this tool. Everything is perfect. They all have a purpose and I enjoy everything about it. 

So I hope you enjoyed this review on this tool. 

Krisp I would definitely recommend utilizing it towards yourself or stored your company if you have any comments or concerns, feel free to come down below. 


Enjoy HD voice without background noise and echo during remote meetings, podcasts, and recordings. Krisp prevents noisy distractions boosting productivity

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