Which is the Best Hosting Provider Hostinger or Bluehost?

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Cheapest Web Hosting Provider In 2021 Hey, I’m going to be explaining to you the difference between blue host and hosting or two of the most popular web hosting company. So let’s get into the comparison now. BlueHost and Hostinger or are both very popular website hosting companies. 

What is a Hosting Company 

Now if you don’t know what a hosting company is, it’s essentially a company that provides. Web servers or places where you can host your website for a certain amount per month, some very popular names in the business. Our Bluehost Hostinger GoDaddy, Interserver websites like that blue host, and Hostinger her however are both very famous for providing some of the Cheapest and best-hosting services on the market.

This is why I’m going to be comparing these two today. These are honestly both great companies for a beginner to start hosting their website on because of the price and the quality you get for that price, you basically can’t go wrong no matter which you pick. 

I am however going to be explaining some of the differences between these two companies and just kind of helping you out. To decide which one you want to go with. 

Hostinger Plan 

WordPress Hosting Plan
WordPress Hosting Plan

Now Hostinger or has made a name for itself by providing some of the cheapest if not the cheapest hosting plans on the entire Internet like hosting or provides a seriously good deal, especially when you’re starting out just looking at their website right now. 

Shared Web Hosting Plan
Shared Web Hosting Plan

As you can see there cheapest plan. Starts at $0.99 per month. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like a pretty good deal. Hostinger is undoubtedly one of the cheapest website hosting companies on the market, if not the cheapest. It’s incredibly economically efficient, and there’s no doubt you’re getting your money’s worth now. 

Cloud Hosting Plan
Cloud Hosting Plan

Bluehost Plan

Shared Hosting Plan
Shared Hosting Plan

Bluehost is one of the biggest and most popular websites. Hosting platforms out there. They are very well known. The prices are slightly more expensive than hosting or, but not by much at all. As you can see, we just took a look at the $0.99 per month plan on HOSTINGER, but looking over here on Bluehost it’s about $2.95 for the same plan. Now that’s still a very very good deal. 

VPN Hosting Plan
VPN Hosting Plan

I certainly wouldn’t discount Bluehost just because of the slight price difference. There’s much more nuanced between these two platforms, which I’m going to get into now. 

Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting Plan vs Bluehost Basic Plan

Hostinger HPanel
Hostinger HPanel
Bluehost CPanel
Bluehost CPanel

One thing you need to consider when comparing these two platforms is the fact that the $0.99 per month plan actually does not come with a free domain name. A more accurate comparison between these two websites.Would be the premium Shared hosting on Hostinger her and the basic Shared hosting on Bluehost.

When you do compare these two plans instead, it turns out the difference is only $2.19 to $2.95, which is a lot smaller of a difference. Now if you do have a domain name, obviously you could get the cheaper $0.99 plan, but those are things to take into consideration now. 

One interesting tidbit is that BlueHost is actually one of the few hosting companies actually officially endorsed by wordpress.org, which is the official website for WordPress. All Bluehost plans include domains, resource protection, scalability, SSL certificates, marketing credits, and you are verified on Google My Business. 

All of these features are available for around $2,95 per month now. As you can see, hosting her also boasts most of these features as well. When you go for the $2.19 a month plan, you get a free domain. You get a free SSL and you get some Google ads credit. The plans are very come parable 

Which Hosting Company should you go for?

Now. In the end, it really does come down to this if you’re looking for the cheapest. Web hosting on the market. I would definitely recommend going with Hostinger. If however, you’re looking for more unlimited features like bandwidth storage and websites, I would recommend going with BlueHost. 

Those are the main key differences between these two hosting platforms. They’re both very good though, so it really ends up being to you as to which one. You decide to go with me now. 

Recap The Hostinger and BlueHost Plans

Just to recap, we basically compared two of the cheapest and two of the best web hosting companies out there, Bluehost and Hostinger her.

The main difference being the price is slightly higher on Bluehost, but they also offer a lot of unlimited features such as storage and bandwidth. Cheapest Web Hosting Remember if you do have any questions. Just drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond to it. These websites and receive special discounts


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