Why SEO is Still Important for business

SEO is dead well at least according to countless articles and speculations online but is that true let’s find out

So he’s really dead and should be focusing your marketing efforts elsewhere. Maybe go all in with paid advertising, because you’ll never rank for those target keywords organically. Well, let me share a few facts that I think might really open your eyes to the infinite power of SEO.

Why SEO?

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49% of marketers report that organic traffic has the best return on investment of any marketing challenge. 53% of consumers say that they research products using a search engine before deciding whether or not to buy them. And last but not least, the first five organic results in the Serbs account for 67..6% of all flicks. 


This proves the importance of organic search traffic MSU techniques, or actually the way to get something perfect.

So why are people saying that Search engine optimization is dead while over time Search engine optimization elements have seized deliveries? Sometimes they died off due to technology changes, or maybe just they evolved into something different.

But this doesn’t mean that SEO is done for or that is invaluable. It actually just means that you have to be diligent with USC optimization. You just have to keep up with the changes in technology and most of all you have to. Constantly keep your strategy on point. Search engine optimization is a long game and a smarter way, it’s rewarding.

But one of the reasons Search engine optimization is still such an important component of online marketing? Why do agencies still resort to it as a primary option while we try to gather some responses from our Twitter audience and from our Search engine optimization markers here at Summers, and we got a very We summed it up in this list. 

SEO Still Matter in Business

First of all, it’s Generally cheap, at least cheaper than other marketing activities. So pretty cheap. Second of all, it brings you Targeted traffic, which means more sales and more return on investment. 

Then it forces you to. Keep your eyes on the ball. It might not be a plus for some or a reason why it’s so important, but it forces you to stay alert at all times. With the Google algorithm changes and the technical mistakes you might face so you always have to be firm. And last but not least, it gets you long-term results. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into each one of these, shall we?

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Generally cheap,

It’s generally.OK, I’m going to be serious. Search engine optimization could literally cost you nothing like $0.00. I mean, of course, it’s better to help yourself with keyword research and competitive research with things like summers for example. But the most important tool to do is Search engine optimization. You have it already and it’s written here because still brain. Samrush and all the other tools that are out there will not help you and will not make the strategy for you. You have to think about it and believe me it comes off.

Targeted traffic 

Search engine optimization allows you to target exactly the client you’re looking for by targeting the keywords they are searching for. In this way, it’s much more focused than, let’s say, display advertising because you’re not targeting a specific demographic of people that have. Listen to a very popular website that might or might not be interested in your product. We’re going exactly 

Let’s move to the next step, 

Staying up to date

which is keeping up to date. Search engine optimization like many other aspects of digital marketing changes constantly like every 10 minutes for real Google. Come on, give us a little break or chew. And doing Search engine optimization , it’s an exercise of diligence and you have to be diligent with both your Search engine optimization and with keeping your site up to date and up to speed. Mostly if you need a guide on how to do an audit to check if you have any problems that might be announced.

For people to interact with you, I really do believe here. We should check it out, but yes, Axial forces you to stay up to speed with everything that’s happening in the online world and that’s it, really.

Long-term results.

SEO is really playing the long game. I understand that for some of you, that might be a problem. It’s just so much easier to spend money and budget on. Get calling it. Thai Zing and just general please advise.

To summarize, in a billion that result. Usually are not long-lasting and the second you stop spending money, they also disappear, and that’s where Search engine optimization comes into play. The thing is, when you provide value and you really answer to the search intent, believe me, you’re there to stay. The Serb people are going to try to fight you off a bit.

But if you really provide value and your site is good and you have a good authority which is earned over time, you’re there to stay. Nothing can take you down. And sometimes people are commitments, period.OK,

I guess that was it, at least for our list, but the topic is so big and so huge that I would just love to hear from you. What do you guys think about SEO? Is it that? If not, where is it headed? Where is it going? What do you? Really think it still matters in doing SEO in 2021. There’s no in the comments below. And please, we let the comment section explode. ‘

I wanna hear from you all. I’m leaving you and if you like this Blog, please Share. Do keep saying all the content will be posted and maybe share the Blog with some friends just to see what they think about us.I catch you guys in the next Search engine optimization Blog.

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